Smile! Enjoy all the things Spain has to offer.


As the world's second most visited country in 2019 with almost 84 million tourists, Spain offers visitors an amazing array of options to enjoy our country, either before or after your cycling experience.

At Ridingspain, we are experienced travel guides and love to show our customers around. From your typical touristy spots, to medieval villages or special places off-the-beaten path, we'll make sure your stay in Spain is a truly special one. 



Enjoy Spain's main tourist attractions with Ridingspain

As the capital of Spain and being located in the center of the country, Madrid has many advantages as a tourist destination. Not only the city's many attractions are within easy reach, but also six UNESCO World Heritage Cities are located just an hour's drive from here.

Whether you are interested in a Madrid City tour or visiting the historic cities of Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Aranjuez, Alcala or El Escorial, we'll be more than happy to take you there and show you around. 



Shopping, zoo, theater, musicals, amusement parks. Madrid has it all!

If you are going to stay in Madrid for a few days, we can offer you various activities to make the most out of your trip. This also applies to your family as well, which you can  bring along. Don't worry, we'll keep them entertained while you pedal away. 

From great shopping all around the city, to fun activities such as the Warner Brothers or City of Madrid amusement parks, the city's zoo or a huge offer of musicals, concerts or plays, there's no shortage of things you can do here.


Top-notch football, concerts, basketball... you want it, you got it!


Madrid has two of the world's top football teams (Real Madrid and Atletico) and various other clubs which play in Spain's world-famous La Liga competition. In addition, the city features top-notch pro basketball teams and the possibility of watching several other sports competitions.

In addition, Madrid regularly hosts major sporting and large events of all of types, making the city an ideal destination if you want to experience the thrill of taking part in major events action.